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Str8 To Gay brings us Trainer Trainer Confessions with Luke Adams and Will Braun

Wow!! College studs in games’ kit, it doesn’t get much better than this. Men and ‘Str8 To Gay’ bring us the only thing better than college studs wearing games’ kit, and that’s when the studs are played by the flexible Luke Adams, the star of ‘Star Wars A XXX’ the gay parody, and Will Braun, an exclusive star to Men. These two are stripping off each other’s kit and gong for gold.
Luke Adams turns up at Will Braun’s apartment to give him a lift to the college sports’ block. They are both in their kit and ready to go when they decide to help out each other with their stretching exercises. This is where we get to see how flexible this straight dude can be as he lays on the ground on his back and Will helps him stretch his legs by pulling them up and straight over his body. The thought of what else Luke can do is bound to give anyone an erection as his shorts hug his powerful thighs and muscular bubble butt as they are raised and bent over.

Luke then stands up and as he tells Will that he was hoping to work him out too, he gently strokes his hard straight cock. Will lies on his back as Luke bends over him, pulls his pants down and takes his seven inch cock into his mouth and starts sucking him off. Will strips naked and as Luke carries sucking on his delicious cock he pinches Will’s dark hard nipples making Will salivate at his touch. As the camera pans in we get a great shot as Luke takes Will’s balls into his mouth, one at a time, and sucks on each one greedily, and then he goes back to deep throating Will’s stiff and wet erection.
Will craves a cock in his mouth so they swap positons and, as Will caresses Luke’s cock in his warm hand, he sucks greedily on Luke’s dick. He leans up, kisses Will on his left nipple whilst jerking on his gay cock, and then he goes back to making Will squirm as he carries on sucking him off.

Luke shows off how much of a versatile bottom he is as he stands up and bends over offering his ass up to Will’s mouth and dick. Will gets stuck straight in with his probing tongue, making Luke’s asshole swim with his spit. Luke groans out deeply as Will finger-fucks his sweet ass and then slams his homosexual cock all the way in right up to his balls. He grinds his cock deep into his asshole and then fucks him hard until they turn over and he fucks Luke in the missionary position. Luke strokes his cock and smiles as he feels Will’s balls bouncing against his smooth crack each time Will thrusts his gay cock into him.

They do a flip flop and this time it’s Will’s turn to cry out with excitement as Luke pile drives his aching dick into Will. As they cry out in unison, the cum boils over and shoots out of Will Braun’s cock, down his body and into his waiting mouth. Luke Adams kneels next to him and Will gets a second load of fresh semen into his mouth and down his cock sucking throat.

The Straight Gay Stars of Men

Luke Adams is a sexy versatile bottom who lives for sex. He is bendy like no other and gets into positions we can only dream about and jerk ourselves off to. He has a great firm bubble butt and a greedy little fuck hole. Luke has brown hair, cheeky green eyes and has a seven inch cut cock. Luke has starred twenty seven str8 to gay hardcore movies for Men and is soon to be in a brand new series ‘Men At Sea.’
Will Braun is an exclusive star to and has also starred in twenty seven hardcore movies for them. Will looks like the cool straight kid from college with his smooth young looks, brown hair and blue eyes. He is versatile and has a seven inch cut dick. Will is from Houston Texas and when he told his family about his porn career they allegedly disinvited him to their thanksgiving dinner as they thought it would be awkward.

Tons of free male videos at Drill My Hole

‘Drill My Hole’ gets back to good old fashioned prison gay sex. One of these free male videos stars Josh Peters and Adam Bryant in gaol, a place where you find you are forced to share a cell, be stripped naked and have your ass checked for diseases and contraband.
This episode starts off with Roy Clements, who is the director of this hardcore homosexual porn movie, and he tells the story of when he was ‘inside.’ He tells how he was naive and thought, because he was young, he would be looked after by the guards. He was wrong. He says that he was thrown into a room with other inmates and that he was a virgin when he first set foot inside that room, but not when he left.
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Josh Peters narrates his story. We see him naked in the shower with his cock swinging backwards and forwards, he lathers the soap over every bit of his body. He tells us the how hot sexy male guys used to look at him as if he were a bit of meat and intimidate him; until he learned to do the same back to them.
In the next scene the action picks up as a naked Adam Bryant walks under a showerhead and as the water cascades over his body and pours off his seven-inch dick like a waterfall. He looks up at Josh Peters, who is a staggering six feet four inches tall, and tells him that he has heard that he ‘puts out.’ Josh says yes, and they move away from the running water and Josh gets on his knees and bam! He sucks Adam’s delicious hard cock. Adam encourages Josh to take the whole load in his mouth, and shouts out with a deep gruff sound as Josh sucks him straight down to his hanging ball sack. The water gets turned on again and, as we watch Josh give an amazing blow job, the warm water pours from Adam’s balls and onto the ground below.

Being locked up has made Adam desperate for free sex and it doesn’t take long before he gets Josh to stand up where he whacks his thick cock straight up his tiny tight asshole. Adam grabs a hold of Josh’s broad muscular shoulders and digs his fingers in hard as he keeps on slamming his cock deep into Josh’s hot crack. Adam and Josh cry out with a heightened sense of excitement as they know its dangerous fucking in the showers as they can be caught anytime by the guards.
Adam Bryant pile-drives Josh’s sweet ass in all sorts of positons as Josh sits on the shower room floor jerking on his dick. Adam’s cock jerks uncontrollably and his cum spurts out over Josh Peters’ face, shoulders and chest. Josh cums onto his powerful thigh and onto the wet floor where his fresh, juicy cum swims gets carried away with the water and down the plug hole. Get his male video at Gay Male Sex

Scene from the best adult gay paysite

gay kissWill Braun stars at the baby sitter who invites his homosexual friend Dylan Knight around for company in this first episode of a great new gay porn series by Men dot com for ‘Drill My Hole’
Will Braun is an exclusive sexy star for this adult gay paysite. Will is great looking with an innocent young fresh face even though he has already been in twenty one hardcore man to man movies for Men dot com since joining back in February 2015. Will manages to pull in loads of viewers for all the flicks he’s. In one flick alone, ‘Ass Bandit Part 1’ over 35,000 cock jerking men shot their hot sticky loads as he fucked Jack Radley all around his apartment. Will is versatile and has a seven inch cut cock. He has short brown hair, deep blue eyes and is five feet six inches tall.

Men Gay Video

Dylan Knight has been in five hardcore flicks with Men dot com and his last one is ‘My Moms New Husband Part 3’ where he bends over the work bench in the kitchen and gets his hot ass drilled by Coby Mitchell’ and has been seen by over 16,000 viewers to date. Coby is five feet eight inches tall, has a smooth chest and has an eight inch thick cut cock and a great ass to fuck. He is versatile with brown hair and has sparkling blue eyes.
It starts off with Will Braun coming into the house to baby sit for Colby Jansen and his wife whilst they go out and leave the kids. Will kind of flirt’s With Colby but Colby has to leave the house leaving Will alone. Will’s phone rings and it’s an old college friend, Dylan Knight, who is actually standing outside in the hope to see him. Will’s already feeling horny after seeing Colby so he invites him round.
Dylan sits down and before he can say anything, Will pounces on him on the couch and as they kiss, they wrestle with their clothes, almost tearing the material into two. Dylan lies back as Will bends over and starts sucking on his eight inch thick dick and shaved ball sack. Dylan groans with excitement as Will licks his cock up and down and then deep throats his quivering cock.
Will then sits up and lets Dylan suck on his erect dick for a while as he fondles his firm ass, but as much as he loves having his cock sucked, their’ s something better he wants. He grabs a hold of Dylan and moves him onto his back. He pulls him close to him and brings his knees up, his soft sensitive asshole staring him right in the face. Dylan growls with ecstasy as he feels Will’s wet tongue tapping against his twitching asshole. He groans even louder when he fills his tongue break through his ring piece and gets him wet inside his ass. He strokes on his cock the whole time Will is eating him out until he wants Will to fuck him.
Will moves in closer and with a loud cry from Dylan Will breaks through his ass and deep into him with his raging hard dick. Dylan makes so much noise that Will puts his hand over his mouth to shut him up encase he wakes up the kids. Will teases Dylan with his cock by fucking him slow with long thrusts one minute, and short quick jerks the next as he keeps slamming deeper and deeper into him bringing them both closer to shooting their heavy loads with each thrust.
Will fucks him doggy style for a while and then goes back to fucking his sweet battered hole in the missionary position. With a final shout of excitement Dylans body stiffens up and as his asshole goes into spasms, his cum shoots out and lands on his well fucked body. Will Braun stands up and as his cock pulsates his cum dribbles out of his cock in thick creamy blobs.
Just as they finish Will see Colby coming back so it’s a mad dash to get their clothes back on, and they forget that Colby will be able to sniff it all the air, what will happen next in Men’s next cock throbbing episode?

Thirty hardcore gay movies

‘Drill My Hole’ shows us how to deal with a neighbor who bangs on your door complaining about the noise. Filmed by, this is a fantastic hardcore movie starring Bennett Anthony, and Roman Todd.
Roman Todd is a six foot one inch blonde haired, blue eyed, smooth top hunk and has a seven inch cut cock that he loves to drill into tight hot assholes. Roman has starred in twelve hardcore pics for and over 60,000 of us have seen him in hot action in ‘Bear weekend’ parts 2, 3 and 4.
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Bennett Anthony has short red hair and has striking blue eyes. He is five feet eight inches tall and muscular with loads of colourful tattoos. He is a versatile man and loves to get his seven inch cut dick sucked on a daily basis. Bennett has starred in thirty hardcore gay movies for Men dot com his next movie is called ‘Stop In’ which turns into a fantastic jizz orgy with fresh cum flying everywhere.
The door to Bennett Anthony’s apartment gat banged on loudly. He goes to see who it is and finds his neighbour, Roman Todd, complaining about the noise of his music.
Bennett isn’t in the mood for somebody complaining, although he is in the mood for a great sex session. He grabs a hold of Roman’s shirt and pulls him into the room telling him to ‘shut up.’ And to ‘come into the room, and fuck me.’
Bennett pushes him straight onto the bed, pulls his shorts and pants down and munches down on Roman’s seven inch dick. Roman can’t stop growling in ecstasy all the time as Bennett deep throats his cock and sucks on his balls.
The bed creaks and groans under their weight as Roman takes over and sucks on Bennett’s ginger dick which throbs in his mouth and he gets a salty taste of pre-cum as it oozes out inside his cock sucking lips. Bennett then sits on top of Roman’s face and Roman licks and kisses his tight asshole at the same time as Bennett sucks noisily on Roman’s cock in the sixty-nine position.
Bennett moves down Roman’s body and then sit’s on his quivering hard cock and rides it up and down. These two horny guys make deep guttural sounds as they fuck wildly on the creaky bed which is bound to be keeping Bennett’s neighbours awake as much as the music. They fuck hard and Bennett feels his cock is about to explode as Roman whacks his cock against his sensitive prostate with every thrust
Bennett bends over and their hardcore fucking gets louder and louder as he gets his ass well and truly fucked hard and fast by Roman who is going wild pounding his cock deep inside him as he fucks him doggy style.
Bennett Anthony gets on his back and Roman carries on fucking his sweet ass as sweat pours down their exhausted bodies. Bennett cries out as he deposits his thick salty cum over his stomach, and Roman Todd kneels up and splashed his hot sticky spunk over Bennet’s ginger beard.
If you want to see more from these hunky and horny men, join now to see plenty of hardcore action wherever you are, and whatever time you want to see it. You get access to all their sites with one membership so you can sit back, get your dick out, and stroke on that cock for hours, at home, or in the office, the choice is yours.

Gay paysite brings out the best porn stars

‘Drill My Hole’ give us a great truck driving fantasy thanks to the great filming of the award winning gay team,, starring, Damien Crosse and Johnny Rapid. ‘Truck Stop, Part 2’ – just when you thought it was safe to pull into a layby…
Damien Crosse has been on the road for a long time, he’s tired, but more than that, he’s horny, and is listening to the radio to see whose about for a good sex session. Suddenly a voice comes on his radio, a man, Johnny Rapid, and he’s looking for a good gobble. Johnny is new to his job, and in episode one, he gets taught the ropes by Colby Jansen ( one of the best MEN models ) in the back of his truck. Now he’s hungry for more.
As the two handsome men meet up they kiss each other desperately on the lips which drives them wild with desire. Damien puts his hands up and clings onto a scaffolding pole above him. Johnny bends over and sucks hungrily on his thick, eight and a half inch dick, which makes Damien growl deeply with excitement. Damien then lies on his back and standing above his face, Johnny’s knees bend slightly so that his cock is right in front of Damien’s mouth. Damien takes the whole eight inches down the back of his throat, and sucks his big gay cock right up to his balls.
Johnny stands up and, after sucking on Damien’s cock again, he turns around and offers up his ass to the sex-starved Damien. Damien gets stuck in straight away, and as he fingers and licks Dario’s hairy ass, Dario can’t stop moaning and groaning in sheer ecstasy.

Damien gets Johnny on his back on the ground, and pushes his knees up to Johnny’s chest. He licks his asshole a bit more, and then slams his cock deep into Johnny’s wanton fuck-hole. The sounds of their fucking fills the room and echoes around the bare walls as Damien pile drives his cock hard and fast into Johnny’s sweet tight ass.
Johnny Rapid and Damien Crosse fuck in different positions all around, and in between the scaffolding. Their breathing gets heavier, and the noises get louder and louder until it comes as a great crescendo as Damien’s cock thobe in his hand, and his hot scolding cum pours out over Johnny’s back, and hairy butt. Johnny stands up and as he jerks on his cock, Damien goes underneath him and opens his mouth as the cum from Johnny’s cock spills into it, and on to his chin. In fact, this gay porn scene is so hot you can actually see Johnny’s hot cum splash against the back of Damien’s open mouth before he swallows it down.
Damien Crosse is one of the biggest gay porn men around, and has been in the industry since 2006. Now he also has his own porn company with his partner, as well as staring in other porn movies with a couple of different companies. Damien has starred in thirty-five hardcore movies for Men dot com which includes the popular series ‘Thirst’ which ends up in a jizz frenzy as he gets joined by five other hot and horny guys. He is versatile and has a lovely thick eight and a half inch cut dick, short cropped brown hair, brown eyes, and he weighs 180 pounds. check out their twitter account here

Who is gay pornstar Dario Beck ?

Dario Beck is an awesome looking Spanish hunk with dark brown hair covering his lean hard body. Dario has starred in lots of hardcore movies, and as well as working for, he also works for three other companies, and is in high demand all over the world. He has starred in four flicks for so far, and they are, ‘Truck Stop’ part 1, 2 and 3 where he has wild and insatiable sex with, Colby Jansen, Damien Crosse and Massimo Piano. He is also in ‘Inside Brent Everett Part 1’, where he gets his sweet hard ass ridden by Brent Everett. Dario is six foot tall, has brown hair, smouldering brown eyes and a hairy chest. He loves to be a bottom and he has an eight inch cut dick.

Bennett Anthony and Colby Keller at their uncle’s house

Colby Keller couldn’t believe his luck in part one of this series, when he was told that he had been given a house in his uncle’s will; an uncle that he had never seen before. In this episode, filmed by and shown by ‘Drill My Hole,’ Colby has the house up for sale, and everything is up for grabs when Bennett Anthony walks by looking for Colby’s late uncle.
Bennett Anthony is surprised to see the house up for sale when he goes to walk by, but, when a half-naked Colby Keller tells him about his uncle Sam dying, Bennet looks upset and asks if he can come in. Once through the door, Bennett says he wants something of his Uncle’s to remember him by, but Colby tells him nothing is for free; it’s all for sale. Bennett tries to hide a watch in his pocket but Colby reminds him again that nothing is for free. Bennett is great at getting what he wants, and on eyeing up the thick lump in Colby’s shorts, he offers himself for sex in return for the expensive watch.
Bennett opens his shorts up letting them fall around his knees. His seven inch dick is rock hard and sticks proudly up as Colby bends over on the bed and takes his delicious tasting cock into his salivating mouth. Bennett growls out with pleasure as Colby shows how experienced he is with his mouth and tongue as he sucks his cock all the way down to its root, and back up again.
Colby gets off the bed and walks around to the end of the bed where he pushes his shorts down and Bennett sucks greedily on his eight inch circumcised cock. This time it’s Colby who moans out as he face fucks Bennett’s sweet soft lips and rams it down the back of his throat.
Now the cock sucking stops, and it’s time that Bennett really did start paying for the watch he tried to steal. Colby gets Bennet to stand up with one foot on the floor, and the other one slightly bent over the base board at the bottom of the bed. Bennett’s sexy ass is now on show for Colby to look at and admire as he rolls on a condom. Bennett balances himself on the board with his hands, and as he feels that big thick cock entering his tight ass, he scrunches his face up in a mixture of pain and pleasure.
Colby lies down on his back on the bed as Bennett squats over his cock and rides him like there is no tomorrow. They kiss as thy fuck, and like a cork screw, Bennett Anthony turns around and fucks Colby’s cock like a cowboy galloping faster and faster until both Bennett and Colby Keller scream out they are going to cum. They take it in turns stroking their cocks and sending their thick juicy cum into each other’s open mouths and the movie ends with these two horny stars kissing each other on the lips as they swap cum in their mouths.