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‘Drill My Hole’ gets back to good old fashioned prison gay sex. One of these free male videos stars Josh Peters and Adam Bryant in gaol, a place where you find you are forced to share a cell, be stripped naked and have your ass checked for diseases and contraband.
This episode starts off with Roy Clements, who is the director of this hardcore homosexual porn movie, and he tells the story of when he was ‘inside.’ He tells how he was naive and thought, because he was young, he would be looked after by the guards. He was wrong. He says that he was thrown into a room with other inmates and that he was a virgin when he first set foot inside that room, but not when he left.
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Josh Peters narrates his story. We see him naked in the shower with his cock swinging backwards and forwards, he lathers the soap over every bit of his body. He tells us the how hot sexy male guys used to look at him as if he were a bit of meat and intimidate him; until he learned to do the same back to them.
In the next scene the action picks up as a naked Adam Bryant walks under a showerhead and as the water cascades over his body and pours off his seven-inch dick like a waterfall. He looks up at Josh Peters, who is a staggering six feet four inches tall, and tells him that he has heard that he ‘puts out.’ Josh says yes, and they move away from the running water and Josh gets on his knees and bam! He sucks Adam’s delicious hard cock. Adam encourages Josh to take the whole load in his mouth, and shouts out with a deep gruff sound as Josh sucks him straight down to his hanging ball sack. The water gets turned on again and, as we watch Josh give an amazing blow job, the warm water pours from Adam’s balls and onto the ground below.

Being locked up has made Adam desperate for free sex and it doesn’t take long before he gets Josh to stand up where he whacks his thick cock straight up his tiny tight asshole. Adam grabs a hold of Josh’s broad muscular shoulders and digs his fingers in hard as he keeps on slamming his cock deep into Josh’s hot crack. Adam and Josh cry out with a heightened sense of excitement as they know its dangerous fucking in the showers as they can be caught anytime by the guards.
Adam Bryant pile-drives Josh’s sweet ass in all sorts of positons as Josh sits on the shower room floor jerking on his dick. Adam’s cock jerks uncontrollably and his cum spurts out over Josh Peters’ face, shoulders and chest. Josh cums onto his powerful thigh and onto the wet floor where his fresh, juicy cum swims gets carried away with the water and down the plug hole. Get his male video at Gay Male Sex