Bennett Anthony and Colby Keller at their uncle’s house

Colby Keller couldn’t believe his luck in part one of this series, when he was told that he had been given a house in his uncle’s will; an uncle that he had never seen before. In this episode, filmed by and shown by ‘Drill My Hole,’ Colby has the house up for sale, and everything is up for grabs when Bennett Anthony walks by looking for Colby’s late uncle.
Bennett Anthony is surprised to see the house up for sale when he goes to walk by, but, when a half-naked Colby Keller tells him about his uncle Sam dying, Bennet looks upset and asks if he can come in. Once through the door, Bennett says he wants something of his Uncle’s to remember him by, but Colby tells him nothing is for free; it’s all for sale. Bennett tries to hide a watch in his pocket but Colby reminds him again that nothing is for free. Bennett is great at getting what he wants, and on eyeing up the thick lump in Colby’s shorts, he offers himself for sex in return for the expensive watch.
Bennett opens his shorts up letting them fall around his knees. His seven inch dick is rock hard and sticks proudly up as Colby bends over on the bed and takes his delicious tasting cock into his salivating mouth. Bennett growls out with pleasure as Colby shows how experienced he is with his mouth and tongue as he sucks his cock all the way down to its root, and back up again.
Colby gets off the bed and walks around to the end of the bed where he pushes his shorts down and Bennett sucks greedily on his eight inch circumcised cock. This time it’s Colby who moans out as he face fucks Bennett’s sweet soft lips and rams it down the back of his throat.
Now the cock sucking stops, and it’s time that Bennett really did start paying for the watch he tried to steal. Colby gets Bennet to stand up with one foot on the floor, and the other one slightly bent over the base board at the bottom of the bed. Bennett’s sexy ass is now on show for Colby to look at and admire as he rolls on a condom. Bennett balances himself on the board with his hands, and as he feels that big thick cock entering his tight ass, he scrunches his face up in a mixture of pain and pleasure.
Colby lies down on his back on the bed as Bennett squats over his cock and rides him like there is no tomorrow. They kiss as thy fuck, and like a cork screw, Bennett Anthony turns around and fucks Colby’s cock like a cowboy galloping faster and faster until both Bennett and Colby Keller scream out they are going to cum. They take it in turns stroking their cocks and sending their thick juicy cum into each other’s open mouths and the movie ends with these two horny stars kissing each other on the lips as they swap cum in their mouths.


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