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gay kissWill Braun stars at the baby sitter who invites his homosexual friend Dylan Knight around for company in this first episode of a great new gay porn series by Men dot com for ‘Drill My Hole’
Will Braun is an exclusive sexy star for this adult gay paysite. Will is great looking with an innocent young fresh face even though he has already been in twenty one hardcore man to man movies for Men dot com since joining back in February 2015. Will manages to pull in loads of viewers for all the flicks he’s. In one flick alone, ‘Ass Bandit Part 1’ over 35,000 cock jerking men shot their hot sticky loads as he fucked Jack Radley all around his apartment. Will is versatile and has a seven inch cut cock. He has short brown hair, deep blue eyes and is five feet six inches tall.

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Dylan Knight has been in five hardcore flicks with Men dot com and his last one is ‘My Moms New Husband Part 3’ where he bends over the work bench in the kitchen and gets his hot ass drilled by Coby Mitchell’ and has been seen by over 16,000 viewers to date. Coby is five feet eight inches tall, has a smooth chest and has an eight inch thick cut cock and a great ass to fuck. He is versatile with brown hair and has sparkling blue eyes.
It starts off with Will Braun coming into the house to baby sit for Colby Jansen and his wife whilst they go out and leave the kids. Will kind of flirt’s With Colby but Colby has to leave the house leaving Will alone. Will’s phone rings and it’s an old college friend, Dylan Knight, who is actually standing outside in the hope to see him. Will’s already feeling horny after seeing Colby so he invites him round.
Dylan sits down and before he can say anything, Will pounces on him on the couch and as they kiss, they wrestle with their clothes, almost tearing the material into two. Dylan lies back as Will bends over and starts sucking on his eight inch thick dick and shaved ball sack. Dylan groans with excitement as Will licks his cock up and down and then deep throats his quivering cock.
Will then sits up and lets Dylan suck on his erect dick for a while as he fondles his firm ass, but as much as he loves having his cock sucked, their’ s something better he wants. He grabs a hold of Dylan and moves him onto his back. He pulls him close to him and brings his knees up, his soft sensitive asshole staring him right in the face. Dylan growls with ecstasy as he feels Will’s wet tongue tapping against his twitching asshole. He groans even louder when he fills his tongue break through his ring piece and gets him wet inside his ass. He strokes on his cock the whole time Will is eating him out until he wants Will to fuck him.
Will moves in closer and with a loud cry from Dylan Will breaks through his ass and deep into him with his raging hard dick. Dylan makes so much noise that Will puts his hand over his mouth to shut him up encase he wakes up the kids. Will teases Dylan with his cock by fucking him slow with long thrusts one minute, and short quick jerks the next as he keeps slamming deeper and deeper into him bringing them both closer to shooting their heavy loads with each thrust.
Will fucks him doggy style for a while and then goes back to fucking his sweet battered hole in the missionary position. With a final shout of excitement Dylans body stiffens up and as his asshole goes into spasms, his cum shoots out and lands on his well fucked body. Will Braun stands up and as his cock pulsates his cum dribbles out of his cock in thick creamy blobs.
Just as they finish Will see Colby coming back so it’s a mad dash to get their clothes back on, and they forget that Colby will be able to sniff it all the air, what will happen next in Men’s next cock throbbing episode?


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