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‘Drill My Hole’ shows us how to deal with a neighbor who bangs on your door complaining about the noise. Filmed by, this is a fantastic hardcore movie starring Bennett Anthony, and Roman Todd.
Roman Todd is a six foot one inch blonde haired, blue eyed, smooth top hunk and has a seven inch cut cock that he loves to drill into tight hot assholes. Roman has starred in twelve hardcore pics for and over 60,000 of us have seen him in hot action in ‘Bear weekend’ parts 2, 3 and 4.
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Bennett Anthony has short red hair and has striking blue eyes. He is five feet eight inches tall and muscular with loads of colourful tattoos. He is a versatile man and loves to get his seven inch cut dick sucked on a daily basis. Bennett has starred in thirty hardcore gay movies for Men dot com his next movie is called ‘Stop In’ which turns into a fantastic jizz orgy with fresh cum flying everywhere.
The door to Bennett Anthony’s apartment gat banged on loudly. He goes to see who it is and finds his neighbour, Roman Todd, complaining about the noise of his music.
Bennett isn’t in the mood for somebody complaining, although he is in the mood for a great sex session. He grabs a hold of Roman’s shirt and pulls him into the room telling him to ‘shut up.’ And to ‘come into the room, and fuck me.’
Bennett pushes him straight onto the bed, pulls his shorts and pants down and munches down on Roman’s seven inch dick. Roman can’t stop growling in ecstasy all the time as Bennett deep throats his cock and sucks on his balls.
The bed creaks and groans under their weight as Roman takes over and sucks on Bennett’s ginger dick which throbs in his mouth and he gets a salty taste of pre-cum as it oozes out inside his cock sucking lips. Bennett then sits on top of Roman’s face and Roman licks and kisses his tight asshole at the same time as Bennett sucks noisily on Roman’s cock in the sixty-nine position.
Bennett moves down Roman’s body and then sit’s on his quivering hard cock and rides it up and down. These two horny guys make deep guttural sounds as they fuck wildly on the creaky bed which is bound to be keeping Bennett’s neighbours awake as much as the music. They fuck hard and Bennett feels his cock is about to explode as Roman whacks his cock against his sensitive prostate with every thrust
Bennett bends over and their hardcore fucking gets louder and louder as he gets his ass well and truly fucked hard and fast by Roman who is going wild pounding his cock deep inside him as he fucks him doggy style.
Bennett Anthony gets on his back and Roman carries on fucking his sweet ass as sweat pours down their exhausted bodies. Bennett cries out as he deposits his thick salty cum over his stomach, and Roman Todd kneels up and splashed his hot sticky spunk over Bennet’s ginger beard.
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